Gates of the Arctic Trip Video

In mid-August myself and Alan Dixon went way up north to explore in Gates of the Arctic National Park. We planned to packraft and hike on the Alatna and Noatak Rivers, and connect the two rivers by traversing the Arrigetch Peaks.  We took a bunch of video, with the idea that we'd put together the story of our trip and share it online. Hiking and exploring in Alaska is a totally different experience than in the lower 48. The wilderness is huge, and there are only a handful of established trails in the whole state of Alaska (there are no established trails in Gates of the Arctic National Park - which is twice the size of the state of Connecticut).  You must rely on game trails and reading natural terrain to get around. It is a real test of your wilderness skills. After two trips to Alaska together, we've learned a lot - but this trip humbled us a bit.  Our previous trip went off without a hitch.  This one....well you'll see. It's difficult to capture the scope of wilderness in northern Alaska - hopefully this video will give you a taste. We used a couple of small cameras, plus a GoPro camera which I sometimes wore on my head while paddling.  We've also put some pics in a gallery.