Winter Rainbow

Last night and today we had our first good winter storm of the season.  We needed it after about 3 months with no precipitation.  i went for a desert run at the tail end of the storm.  It was raining lightly, but the sun was shining, and each drop was illuminated like little shining jewels.  As the sun got bright, this double rainbow rapidly formed.  After stopping and staring at it for a minute, I felt compelled to take a photo with my phone, which is all I had with me.  I couldn't come close to capturing the whole thing with my phone - but then I remembered that the phone has a panorama mode, which allows you to rotate 180 degrees while it stitches together a giant panoramic image.  I took 3 panoramas before it started to fade.  

WInter rainbow, near Saguaro National Park West, Tucson, AZ. Click to enlarge.