Adventure Video - Favorites This Month

A selection of outdoor oriented videos that I have enjoyed over the past month. Several are focused on climbing, because climbing seems to attract a lot of cameras these days.  These films reflect something about the spirit of adventure, or the challenges faced when we get outside of our comfort zone. I'd like to see more good quality videos about hiking and backpacking.  I may make this a regular blog entry.  

A Fine Line.  This is the trailer for a full length documentary about a project envisioned by Spanish trail runner and climber Kilian Jornet. I can't recommend this film enough. It captures both the joy and sorrow of adventure and risk. Gorgeous cinematography. You can download the full 52 minute film for about $10 at this link.  In Spanish and French with English subtitles.  

High Contrast. Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright talk about consumption, climbing, travel and the contradictions that are commonly encountered when trying to live a minimal lifestyle in today's world.  

The Dream of Life.  A film narrated by British philosopher Alan Watts. He explores the idea of life and all its unpredicability and wonder and loveliness.

Tent Bound in Devil's Bay.  What defines success and failure on a trip or adventure?  That is a theme I have explored myself, and will continue to explore. I think it's one of the more interesting questions we all face as we strive at anything in life.