Morning tea in the Vilcanota Range, Peru, with Ausangate Peak in the background.  

What's my purpose with this site?

What really interests me is telling good stories - interesting, funny, hopeful, expansive, thought provoking stories about traveling in wild places.  I hope to inspire people, including myself, to get outside and have good experiences in the outdoors. Stories and ideas can turn a typical day into something a little more interesting, a little bit better. I am primarily a hiker, backpacker, climber and mountain biker, but those activities are incidental in some ways. They are my vehicle - yours could be different. 

I believe that most people who are passionate about the time they spend outside doing something they love will also tend to be thoughtful about how we protect wild places, and how their own actions impact the world around them. I'd like to accelerate my own thoughts about how I live. Working on this site helps me reflect on my own journey. If I can help a few other people reflect on that too, I'd be grateful.  

The revolution in publishing, video production and mobile computing enables one person, or a few people, to create and publish gorgeous video and beautiful graphic design.  All you need is a good story (that's the hard part). Growing my capability to impact people through a good story, told or shown beautifully, is also part of my purpose.  

How will I know if it is working? 

That's simple. If I'm getting feedback that makes me feel good about what I'm doing here. then I'll know it is working. I don't have any goals for web traffic or twitter followers.  My goal is to feel good about how I'm spending my time, to meet interesting people who are doing interesting things, and still feel wonder every day.